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Antigone Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Antig maven - Research Paper Example power Jocastas chum salmon, Creon, then announced that any ane who can answer the sphinx correctly will be married to his sister. Oedipus succeeded the prove and eventually became his mothers husband, fulfilling the prophecies told about him. Oedipus then sired Antigone, Ismene, Polynices and Eteocles. However, after twenty years of reigning in Thebes, the place was again plagued. Wanting to help the citizens of Thebes, Oedipus was committed to solving the citys problem which last led him to know the facts of his birth. Feeling guilty and angry, he then blinded himself and was exiled by his brother-in-law, Creon while his married woman and mother hanged herself (Johnston). Consequently, the sons agreed to divide the rule of Thebes but Eteocles banished his brother Polynices. According to Alfred Churchs fight of Thebes though, the last mentioned returned with vengeance and a battle ensued where the brothers both die fighting each other. Recogn izing Eteocles as a hero, Creon gave him a decent burial with full military honors while his banished brother, Polynices was disgraced because his uncle ordered that no one should mourn or bury him. Nevertheless, Antigone, the sister of Eteocles and Polynices feels sorry for her brother and vows to bury him. She gestates her sister, Ismene, to help her but the latter was very afraid of her uncles decree that she refuses her sisters request. As a result, Antigone had to bury her brother all alone during the night (Rosenberg). The famed author of King Oedipus and Antigone, Sophocles, was born in 496 B.C and lived to be ninety. He was born to a wealthy family so that he was given the best education during his time. Consequently, he became one of the best writers to survive fame to modern days. He is known to have written more than a hundred plays and ninety-six of which won first prize in the Athenian festivals held in the honor of Dionysius, the god of wine. Unluckily, save a few o f his works survived (Rosenberg). Sophocles is recorded not only as a respected literary genius but he is also known for being a good Athenian citizen. Having been borne during the Iranian war, a battle fought between the Greek city-states and the Persian Empire, Sophocles became well-informed about wars (Rosenberg). Politics has become in-chief(postnominal) an information that is widely used by Sophocles to give color to his narrations. However, the events during his lifetime were not the only influences to his makeup but the existing religious beliefs as well which includes Greek mythology characters as evident in Antigone. In addition, he also delves in the personal and familial relationships of his characters. When Antigone was written, the Peloponnesian war, the battle between Athens and Sparta, was good-tempered ongoing and this perhaps had a great impact on the story. According to historical accounts, the city of Epidamnus displace to inquire from Delphi if they are suppo sed ask protection from Corinth and an oracle was give that they are supposed to award to their mother country (Crawley). In relation to Sophocles story, it is obvious how he showed such practice of kings, relating how Creon encouraged Oedipus to ask help from the prophet Teiresias on what to do when their city was plagued. It should also be remembered that the reason

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